Ironman Hamburg

July 28th 2019

Event Details

Event: Ironman Hamburg

Date: July 28th 2019

Hamburg is known as the triathlon capital of Germany and that title has been well-earned by the busy modern city on the shores of the North Sea. Despite its industrial past, the Hamburg is now home to the acres of green parks that make it one of Europe’s greenest cities and one that is particularly well-suited to host an IRONMAN event.

IRONMAN Hamburg has a great start point at Jungfernstieg Pier in the very heart of the city. The 2-loop 3.8km course takes in the Binnen and Außenalster lakes and is quite unusual as it includes an Australian exit and several tunnels. Although the tunnels make things a little more challenging, the course is well-planned and well-marshalled with excellent German efficiency to prevent any mishaps. With the swim done, athletes turn to the 180km bike course with unfolds over two loops and heads southwards along the harbour and past the well-known Hamburg Großmarkt before heading towards the idyllic Vier und Marschlande region and then turning for home. The hilliest section of the bike route is at the start of each loop up. Luckily, this section is also pretty well-protected from the wind that comes off the North Sea so athletes have a chance to settle into the bike and get the legs turning.

Once the back is broken on the event, athletes return to the heart of the city where crowds line the streets along the whole run course. The crowd is reall something else around the Zollenspieker Fährhaus and there’s nothing like cheering crowds of supporters to help you push through the pain! The course itself is made up of four loops along the shores of the Alster Lake in the city centre. The final stretch of IRONMAN Hamburg’s run finishes at Hamburg’s famous Rathausmarkt and City Hall where the atmosphere is electric and the crowds are ready to celebrate the athletes’ incredible achievements.

After the race, you’ll deserve a hassle-free trip home with nothing to worry about except soothing those aching muscles and enjoying your achievement. Bring My Bike’s transfer service will get your bike to IRONMAN Hamburg and back again without a scratch – it’s our job to sort out the bike logistics so you can focus on your performance and enjoy the experience. You’ve done the training and put in the work so let us look after your bike.

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