Ironman 70.3 Mallorca

May 11th 2019

Event Details

Event: Ironman 70.3 Mallorca

Date: May 11th 2019

The Spanish island of Mallorca has been on the triathlon circuit for years and is Europe’s Mecca for cyclists and triathletes. Widely-loved as a training camp base, the island has everything a triathlete could want: great road surface, challenging bike routes, beautiful seas and pretty reliable weather. The island is well-serviced too and its spectacular natural scenery makes it the obvious setting for a really great IRONMAN event.

The course itself starts in Alcúdia and takes in much of the northern tip of Mallorca. As is now standard practice in IRONMAN events, the swim kicks off with a rolling start and wetsuits are allowed (the water temperature was 17 degrees in 2018, despite Mallorca’s typically balmy climate). The swim course is as simple as could be: one loop with well-marked buoys means athletes don’t have to worry about getting lost or confused in the water. The distance from the swim exit to the transition area is probably one of the longest out there which can throw some athletes off as they may feel that they spend far too long in T1. What’s important here is to keep the head down and not get flustered by the slightly longer transition time.

Wind is a major factor to consider in IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca so it’s important to stay in the aero position where possible and keep that drag down. The first 10 kilometres of the bike course are pretty flat, always handy when you’re settling into the saddle and warming up the muscles. The road rises and falls over several climbs but nothing too onerous crops up until Col de Femenia where the gradient gets steeper and the going gets tough. The descent on Col de Femenia is pretty technical too but once that’s safely done it’s back to the flat with only a few rolling hills to contend with until the run.

IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca’s run course is a 2.5-loop course along Alcúdia bay and is a suitably beautiful setting for the final stretch of the IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca. The finish line is particularly beautiful and is just 50m from the start line which gives a great symmetry to the event. And when the day is done it’s time to celebrate in lovely Alcúdia, soak up the experience, and give yourself a good pat on the back!

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